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The New York Times

"These are pickup truck, not designer S.U.V. pickles, and they are extremely good at what they do."

Martha Stewart

"It's rare to find a line of prepared foods in which every item is delicious. McClure's is one."


"The sharp, garlicky brine makes other pickles feel like they're lacking a point of view."

House and Garden

“[McClure’s] are what you want pickles to taste like: hot, garlicky, and full of dill.”

New York Daily News

“McClure’s Pickles’ superspicy mix of ruby red peppers and forest green pickles is practically putting the holiday in a jar.”

The Detroit News

"Crunchier and packed with more spice than commercial pickles, McClure's pickles are perfect in sandwiches and on their own."

The New York Times

"The final selection is a mix of Brooklyn standbys like Nathan’s Famous and L&B Spumoni Gardens, and newer artisans including McClure’s Pickles, Brooklyn Cupcake and Calexico." 

Cool Hunting

"Sprinkled with the right amount of mouth-watering seasonings the chips trick your tongue into tasting zesty pickles before dissolving into the savory potato taste."

Bon Appetit

"If you're barbecuing this summer, be sure to keep a jar of this outstanding relish on hand. Made with garlic, peppers, and dill, it gives a deliciously vinegary kick to hot dogs and burgers."

Edible Brooklyn

"There's an upstanding alternative to the stuff made with corn syrup and dye — [McClure's] makes a rapture-inducing relish that will do those [hot] dogs justice."